Brian Gracon is a frequent contributor to the LinkedIn Group "Increase Retail Sales: Training and Meconomics®", TalkFloor TV,  FloorRadio, Floor-1-1  newsletter, the TISE education program, the Sweets & Snacks Expo, and ATD seminars. He is a member of the Association for Talent Development (ATD).      


With 22 years experience defining training strategies, business consulting, managing training projects and designing and presenting over 75 training programs, Brian Gracon has extensive experience in multiple topic areas.

Who We Are

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Our Methodology

Your business goals set the direction for selection of learning and marketing strategies and objectives: what exactly do people need to do, how well, and how will you know they can? Answers to these questions lead to designs for effective, engaging training and marketing programs, and results!


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"The best course taken today!!! Great dialogue and information. Would go again! This was an engaging class."

- TISE 2018 attendees

"Provided great strategies for developing new business."

- TISE 2017 attendee

Associates Model

The right resources are identified and brought to your project. This model makes sure your project is completed efficiently and effectively.

"We felt that this was the most concise clear path business advice we received this weekend. Best of the event."

- TISE 2017 attendee

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"If you want to stand out from the crowd with your organization's drive to be the best, you have to partner with Brian."

- Kathy Pion, CSP, Training Manager

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Your Benefits From Our Approaches

Our ApproachesYour Benefits
High-energy,     engaging programsRetention and use of new skills
Well-defined, specific objectivesFocus on useful skills and application for results
Custom design and developmentDesired results done your way
Breadth of experienceComprehensive, integrated training strategies
Experience with many formats         Outstanding designs
Associates modelEffective use of resources for competitive advantage
Business experience and focusIncreased sales, margins, prices, closing rates, profits