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"Great specifics on how to improve business. I will look for this presenter next year."

- TISE 2017 attendee

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Q: What Is Meconomics®?

A: The New Way To Successfully Market and Sell to Today's Consumers

Despite the recession, people were still spending a lot of money - to improve their self-image, be entertained and to pamper themselves. What did Starbucks, Apple, BMW, restaurants, tattoo parlors and the spa do to increase sales that you don't? Meconomics® describes these strategies and can be used to adjust your strategies and tactics for better success today and in the future. (Some businesses are even using similar strategies to fight the retail apocalypse!) We can help you analyze your marketing, sales and business management strategies to more effectively compete for the dollars that are being spent on these other products and services, whether in bad economics times (a Mecession®) or good times (a Mecovery®). Contact us to leverage the impact of Meconomics®​into your marketing, selling and business management strategies using our proprietary assessment, strategic planning and training techniques and services.